DATE: Tuesday, May 21st

TIME: 6:30 p.m.

LOCATION:  If you have a location in mind, please let us know.  Otherwise, just let us know if you prefer RUSTIC, URBAN, TRADITIONAL, GRUNGE, FIELDS, etc.  Better yet, if you have seen a session on our IG or FB page that you absolutely loved, let us know.

 We have several locations we use in Stanton and the Permian Basin.  If your location is anywhere other than Stanton, we will send a location meeting place when we know what look you prefer.  The majority of our sessions begin with meeting at the Studio and going from there.


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We are thrilled to be photographing YOU!!  We created this page so that you can find all kinds of information about your VIP Senior Session as well as Wardrobe Tips, and location ideas.

SENIOR MAGAZINE:  While we count the days until your VIP Session, enjoy looking through our Senior Magazine.  Everything from what to expect, wardrobe tips, featured sessions, our specialty products, pricing, and collections can be found inside. 





WHAT TO WEAR?  Remember, it's all about wonderful YOU!  We want to capture your  personality, your style, and who you are at this very moment.  Ah, the senior year...there is nothing like it!  If you need some inspiration for What to Wear, we put this guide together:

Pricing Guide:

Additional Experiences: Want us to photograph you competing in your favorite sport? Would you like to have a Family Mini Session before your son goes off to college? Would you like to add a Cap and Gown Session highlighting where you will be attending College? Our Additional Experiences are exclusive for our Senior VIP Clients that had or will have a Senior Session Experience and have or will purchase Collection One or Collection Two.



VIP Tip #1:

FOR THE PARENTS: Your Senior VIP Session is all about you....but it's also for your parents.  Make sure at least one of your outfits is one that they love. 


ACCESORIZE TO MAXIMIZE:  One outfit can totally look like another outfit simply by adding a hat or a scarf, maybe a vest, and different jewelry.  One of our favorite accessories?  That's hard to choose....but you can't go wrong with a great leather jacket or even a jean jacket. 


KEEP IT EASY:  Wearing the same pair of jeans but with a different top and different shoes makes for quick changes but totally different looks.  Try vans or converse with skinny jeans and a fun top and then change to Boots, and a sweater or different top and vest or scarf. 


STUNNING: This is YOUR VIP Senior Session, choose one outfit that you feel spectacularly stunning in.  It could be an over the top outfit that makes you feel STUNNING!  An outfit that you wouldn't wear just anywhere.  No need to go shopping (unless you need and excuseHa!), check out your closet or borrow from a friend.  Think outside the box.  A suit is so cool in an urban setting and in a rustic country setting.    Call us if you need help with styling...we love to help!


SHOW US THE OUTFITS!!!  Text images of your outfits and accessories to Kristi (432 270-2910) or email them (  You don't have to be wearing them in the images.  Seeing your outfits a week ahead of time helps us plan the perfect props and locations that compliment your style. 

VIP TIP #6: 

Bring your clothes already on hangers complete with accessories. The easiest way to bring your accessories is to place each outfit's accessories in a gallon ziplock bag and hang it with the outfit.  It also helps you remember what you wanted to pair with your outfits and makes for quick changes which allows us to maximize your session.


How many outfits should I bring?  We will photograph you in three to five outfits as time permits.  If you are torn between a few outfits, bring them too, and we can help you decide.