"We're gonna party like it's 1999...." Oh, sorry!  I keep singing that song in my head.  This time last year was crazy town with a capital C.  Our baby was getting ready to graduate and while my heart seemed torn in a million pieces at the thought that she was really old enough to graduate from high school (wasn't kindergarten just yesterday?), we had parties to plan.  Yes, you read that correctly...she had a few parties.  And we had a blast planning and preparing for them.

My thoughts are with all of you moms and grands planning parties for your favorite graduates this year.  I'll be sharing a few Grad Party Ideas this week just for you in hopes that it helps you give the best graduation party ever! 

Let's begin with decorations, shall we?  Every party needs a theme and a theme is always a fabulous place to begin planning a party!

Amy at Living Locurto always has the best ideas.  The above party diy party favors are so cute!

The one party decoration that I wanted to do and didn't is this last one!  Blueberrysprinkles has made it so easy for you....all you have to do is add your pictures.  And we know you have the pictures because you have had to pull your favorite five or six for their Graduation Slideshow at school.  My tears are ready to spill over remembering how wonderfully difficult it was to only choose five or six.  So many memories that happened much too quickly.

You must order this.  No, I'm not getting a commission, but I love this idea.  I'm so thankful that my friend, Teri Fode shared it.  It's a MUST have for your graduation party!

There are a million more ideas but hopefully this will help you get started.  Enjoy!