One Day Left

Dear Juniors, 


There is only ONE day left to apply for Kiki's Mod Squad '18 Model Team! Apply today before it's too late!! Click here to apply.  





United by Love


 "Beyond all these things put on love, which is the perfect bond of unity." ~Colossians 3:14  What if we all looked through eyes of love?  What if we loved our neighbor as ourself, chose to put on love instead of hate, shared kindness instead of ill will, and cared more about the greater good than just selfishness and pride?  Perhaps once again, we would be the UNITED States of all starts with love!

Mod Squad '17 Image Reveal

Mod Squad '17 Image Reveal

Oh how we LOVE photographing our Seniors and our Mod Squad Model Team. Mod Squad '17 has had an epic year already. We still have a few sessions together left before they graduate....sob! But, we couldn't wait to share their images with them and a few other friends and family (about 70).  


The Studio was happily packed with friends and family members who were anxious to see their images as well as invited Juniors who are hoping to be part of Mod Squad '18. 


We had the studio set up with cookies, bottled water with our logo, a fun gift for each one, and magazines for our Models and the first 30 guests. We had a fun Selfie Station set up with our ring light too. I had so much fun! Here are a few behind the scenes images from my IPhone.  




The selfie setup was so fun! 

Love the sunglasses.  

Love the sunglasses.  

Mod squad '17 and Mod Squad '18 hopefuls:



So much fun!!! Are you ready to see images from our Mod Squad sessions???? Me too! Enjoy! 

A full Studio! I loved every second! 


Dear Juniors....

Your time is now!  Do you Love our style? Want to add an incredible model experience to your senior year?  Want to be photographed by one of the top 100 Senior Photographers across the globe (We received this awesome Top 100 Award from Senior Style Guide)?


If you answered yes, we are looking for outgoing high school soon to be Seniors that are fun, energetic, dependable, outgoing, natural born leaders, who love sharing their images on Social Media, and want to be the face of our studio. Do you have to have model experience?  No, we've got you covered!   We are so excited about all of the plans we have for this year!!! 

We think the BEST applicants are high school Juniors who LOVE our style and want us to photograph their Chic & Unique Senior VIP Sessions.  Shine on!  

Click here to Apply Now!

Class of 2017

Class of 2017

This is YOUR year! The year you have been dreaming about and planning for. In only four short months, you will be Graduates!  


Have you reserved your Senior VIP Session with us yet? We only have 8 sessions available before Graduation. Message us or email us today to reserve your Chic and Unique and All About YOU Session! If not for you, do it for your mom!!  


Mod Squad Beauty and Class of 2017 Senior, Sarah  

Mod Squad Beauty and Class of 2017 Senior, Sarah  

Happy New Year!

Hello 2017, I am so glad to see you!  Was anyone else super excited to welcome a new year?  A fresh start, clean slate, a calendar full of possibilities, dreams, goals, and plans.  Oh how I love a new year! 

Our Mod Squad '17 Model Team had a blast creating a special New Year's Eve themed session. The fabulous Hotel Settles was so gracious to host us for a few hours in their gorgeous hotel.  Our theme was Gatsby inspired and the Hotel Settles could not have been more perfect! Delight!

Want to see some of our images?  Eeek!  Me too!



Happy New Year, Darlings!  It's time to shine! Let's make it the best year yet!

Christmas Minis

*** Update:  Our Christmas Minis are SOLD OUT!


For Children

For Children

Perfect for Couples or Best Friend Sessions

Perfect for Couples or Best Friend Sessions

We are jumping for joy because our Christmas Minis are here!!!  We have a limited number of available sessions! 

When: December 1st and 2nd

Where:  Our field in Stanton

Times:  15 minute sessions beginning at 4:00 until sunset

Who:  We have two sets.  Christmas Story time is for Children and our Christmas Tree Farm set is perfect for couples or a fun Best Friends Sessions

Cost:  $100 Black Friday Special.  $150 after that (Our Minis are normally $450 so this is quite a deal!)

Details:  Complete with 3 digitals and a print release.  Perfect for Christmas Cards.


Hot 100 Senior Photographer Award


What a tremendous honor and blessing! Praise God from whom all blessings flow! I'm still shaking and in complete shock over the incredible news. Our little Studio was awarded one of the "Top 100 Senior Photographers Across the Globe awards!" I had to read the list twice when I saw my name. What a blessing!!! God is so good and I'm so thankful for this incredible photography adventure with Him and for the joy of getting to photograph you! 

We have a few more weeks until we find out exactly which one of our images was the winning image.  If you know me well, you know that I call being patient the "p" word.  Ha!  We will post our image here as soon as we know.

We know there are many photographers to choose from and we are always so blessed when you choose us! It's our joy to capture YOUR memories to treasure!


Family Mini Sessions are Here!


Our Family Minis sell out every single year and we love that because we love being part of your family's story and watching your babies grow!  Plus, your friends and family LOVE seeing your beautiful Christmas cards! 

We are offering 2 dates this year in our beautiful, most requested location....our field! {weather permitting, of course!}  The October 2nd date will have a bit of a fall theme in our truck but our field is neutral if you don't want a fall theme.  November 12th will have more of a winter theme, but again our field is neutral with lots of looks.

Is a 20 minute session long enough?  Absolutely!  It's amazing how many images we can take of your beautiful family in this short amount of time.  It's just enough time for Dad's, they love mini sessions, and wiggly babies.

What's included?  5 DIGITALS. Our digitals normally sell for $1500 so this is quite a savings.  Plus, you receive a print release.  You can print unlimited prints, up to an 8x10, for friends and family.  They make wonderful Christmas gifts!  Plus, you can use your digitals to design your Christmas cards (we are happy to help if you like). 

Why?  Because we love photographing you and we want MOMS, yes you, to be in pictures with your family!  It's important.  I know! I know! I've heard and given every excuse to not be in pictures.  Honestly, I'm still trying to lose my baby weight...and my baby girl is 19 years old (not months)!  None of us are guaranteed tomorrow, so being in pictures is important.  YOUR family wants to see you in pictures with them!  So do it! 

What to wear?  Gone are the days of everyone having to be perfectly matched.  Pick one pattern, maybe two, and build the rest of the outfits around colors that are found in those prints/patterns.  If you need an excuse to go shopping, you can totally blame it on your session, but it's really fun to "shop" your closet.  I can't tell you how many Christmas cards our family has done with outfits we already had in our closets. 

Sign up Now!  There are only 6 available sessions for each date!  They will sell out, so please don't wait!


***Update: November is sold out!!!  


Old Settlers Parade 2016

Old Settlers Parade 2016

Every year our little town hosts an Old Settler's Weekend.  It's a fun weekend filled with class reunions, a hometown parade, a BBQ dinner and dance, a town meeting where Class Reunion recaps are given, awards for floats from the morning's parade are given, a list is read of those loved ones who will be dearly missed, flowers are given to those who have been married the longest (64 years for one couple this year), the youngest attendee, the family with the most in attendance (our family had 19 this year and won), and there is always lots of joy and laughter.  Think Norman Rockwell meets Gilmore girls and you have our Old Settler's Weekend.   Many Old Settlers travel from quite a distance to attend.  And every year, the date is carefully marked on the calendar. 

I didn't grow up here but my husband did and our girls did too.  It's always a fun weekend but the parade is always my favorite.  I tried to capture every entry in this year's parade.  Please, feel free to save your image.  They are for you.  Enjoy!

P.S.  If your patience level is like mine (ha!), there are collages of all of the images bellow the individual slides. 


Happy Birthday America

Happy 4th of July! Homemade peach ice cream is churning and Mr. Incredible's ribs are smoking. He woke up early to put them in the smoker. So sweet! How are you celebrating today? 


A quick little tip for you. If you like our "sparkler" images, drag the shutter on your camera to capture these. If you have a tripod to steady your camera, even better. Sparkler pictures are so much fun. A safe way to take images like these is to use flashlights instead of sparklers.  

Lift My Eyes

We are not alone! God sees, He hears, He knows, and He is always by our side. What comfort that brings! I took this image last week during our time at Kruger Lake in British Columbia. I loved this image then but so much more today. Whatever you and I may be facing today, remember He is right there! Our help comes from the One who created heaven and earth! What a thought! And His arm is not short, nor His strength limited where His children are concerned. Glory! 


Summer Looks We LOVE

Are you already in the groove of summer time?  Ah, we are.  Fun in the sun, yes please!  Have you heard what is so on trend this summer?  It's the year of the romper and we love this look.  There are so many variations.  Soft floral prints, floral prints with a pop of color, bold prints, denim rompers (the denim trend is hot, hot, hot), and one of our favorites, Boho Chic!  We put together a few looks that we think you would look marvelous in for your Senior VIP Session.  Which one is your fave?

P.S. We only have 8 Senior VIP Summer Sessions available!! 



Summer VIP Senior Sessions

Summer is the PERFECT time for your Senior VIP Sessions.  You have a nice bit of color going on, those natural highlights from the sun, you are well rested, and your schedule isn't so crazy.  Right?!  Your mom may cry a few tears when she sees your awesome images, because the reality will hit that this is your senior year...but it's better then having your mom cry in late April because she can't possibly fit one more thing in her schedule before your graduation and she still has to find a way to get your senior session scheduled. 

Trust me, it happens every year.  And we are happy to try to accommodate...but you will enjoy your summer sessions so much more.  And P.S., we only have 9 dates available this summer.  Your friends already scheduled their VIP Session with us.  Please, don't wait!




Congratulations Class of 2016!!!

You did it!!!  What a joy to know and photograph you!  May each one of your futures look so have to wear shades!

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Seriously??! Are you following us on Instagram?  You are more likely to see what we are up to, our latest photography sessions, available session dates, and fun videos from our Snapchat stories and behind the scenes.  We would love for you to be part of our Instagram family.  Our IG name is @kikiscornerphotography   See you over there!  ↓

See you on Instagram!

See you on Instagram!

Graduation Gifts


If you are like us, you are receiving Graduation Announcements daily.  I lost track of the number of custom graduation announcements we were blessed to design for our Seniors this year but the above image shows a few of our custom designs that arrived just last week.  Yes, the UPS and FedEx workers are delivering our orders daily.

With so many invitations arriving, what are you going to gift the graduate?  We have some fun ideas!

Such a FUN idea!  Source

Such a FUN idea!  Source

Gift cards are always a hit.  I know our girls enjoyed using gift cards to buy gas, go out to eat, buy dorm essentials, and more during their first semester of college.  Such an easy thing to purchase but such a blessing to our graduates. 

Many more ideas may be found on my Pinterest board by clicking here. 

Grad Party Games

When planning your favorite Grad's party, don't forget the games.  If the thought of having to think about what high school seniors would enjoy at your party makes your head swim, no worries, we have a few ideas!

Our party started with a photo shoot.  Shocked?! Ha!  If this thought makes you stressed, call your favorite photographer and see if they are available for a fun cap and gown mini session for your graduate and their friends.  While we were taking pictures, the grands were finishing up party preparations.

And then my parents put together an awesome Car Rally.  Car Rally's are such a blast!  It's a scavenger hunt but in 3-D.  Teams have to drive the speed limit, follow directions for a route, and pick up things by figuring out clues along the way.  They are super fun and we had many giggles watching our soon-to-be graduates try to figure out how to win.

And they did! Our Hannah and her team totally won...and it wasn't rigged! 

And they did! Our Hannah and her team totally won...and it wasn't rigged! 

We had hamburgers will all of the fixings, chips, dip, soft drinks, and my favorite part~smore's! We found the large s'more roasting skewers from amazon here and they were perfect!

We had hamburgers will all of the fixings, chips, dip, soft drinks, and my favorite part~smore's!

We found the large s'more roasting skewers from amazon here and they were perfect!

Graduation Party Bites

Hopefully you now have a theme for your Graduation Party.  No?  Check out our previous post.  Now, it's time to plan the food.  I'm a fan of layers. I love seven layer dip, seven layer salad, and seven layer bars. Yum!!! Grad food bites can be elaborate or as easy as a popcorn bar with lots of goodies. Yes!! One of our favorite bites at our baby girl's graduation party was a s'more bar. I'm always a fan of those. Childhood nostalgia mixed with chocolate is always a win!!

I created a Pinterest board with links to recipes found in the image below (images courtesy of Pinterest):

Yum!  I'm off to make a snack now.  I'd love to hear what your favorite foods are to serve at parties. 

Grad Party Decorations

"We're gonna party like it's 1999...." Oh, sorry!  I keep singing that song in my head.  This time last year was crazy town with a capital C.  Our baby was getting ready to graduate and while my heart seemed torn in a million pieces at the thought that she was really old enough to graduate from high school (wasn't kindergarten just yesterday?), we had parties to plan.  Yes, you read that correctly...she had a few parties.  And we had a blast planning and preparing for them.

My thoughts are with all of you moms and grands planning parties for your favorite graduates this year.  I'll be sharing a few Grad Party Ideas this week just for you in hopes that it helps you give the best graduation party ever! 

Let's begin with decorations, shall we?  Every party needs a theme and a theme is always a fabulous place to begin planning a party!

Amy at Living Locurto always has the best ideas.  The above party diy party favors are so cute!

The one party decoration that I wanted to do and didn't is this last one!  Blueberrysprinkles has made it so easy for you....all you have to do is add your pictures.  And we know you have the pictures because you have had to pull your favorite five or six for their Graduation Slideshow at school.  My tears are ready to spill over remembering how wonderfully difficult it was to only choose five or six.  So many memories that happened much too quickly.

You must order this.  No, I'm not getting a commission, but I love this idea.  I'm so thankful that my friend, Teri Fode shared it.  It's a MUST have for your graduation party!

There are a million more ideas but hopefully this will help you get started.  Enjoy!