Every year our little town hosts an Old Settler's Weekend.  It's a fun weekend filled with class reunions, a hometown parade, a BBQ dinner and dance, a town meeting where Class Reunion recaps are given, awards for floats from the morning's parade are given, a list is read of those loved ones who will be dearly missed, flowers are given to those who have been married the longest (64 years for one couple this year), the youngest attendee, the family with the most in attendance (our family had 19 this year and won), and there is always lots of joy and laughter.  Think Norman Rockwell meets Gilmore girls and you have our Old Settler's Weekend.   Many Old Settlers travel from quite a distance to attend.  And every year, the date is carefully marked on the calendar. 

I didn't grow up here but my husband did and our girls did too.  It's always a fun weekend but the parade is always my favorite.  I tried to capture every entry in this year's parade.  Please, feel free to save your image.  They are for you.  Enjoy!

P.S.  If your patience level is like mine (ha!), there are collages of all of the images bellow the individual slides.