Like it or not, back to school is really here.  Our summer flew by.  Did yours?  Many of you that follow our work know that we have a yellow bus, named Miss Daisy.  And Miss Daisy is ready for your Back to School Mini Session.

Whether you are a senior and would love BFF mini session or a parent of a Kindergartner (sob! we totally understand), or any student for that matter, we would be honored to photograph your student/students!  Because... we all have those white envelopes with the plastic window that still has our awkward back to school images we took at school buried somewhere in our drawers.  Our images are a bit more personality driven and sure to be the ones you want displayed in your home.  

We would love for you to join our super limited Back to School Mini Sessions. Yes, we can totally do them Super Hero style if you like (we are loving that super hero inspired back to school commercial).