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One Act Play Advances!!!

Our baby girl is once again in our high school's One Act Play.  This is her third year and she absolutely loves it.  The stage, the costumes, the lights, the fun, the drama.  Where does she get such drama?!

This year, they are performing excerpts from "Leading Ladies."  It is hilarious!  I am hoping to take pictures of their dress rehearsal soon.  The costuming and staging are as fabulous as the actors.  Their group advanced from District to Area.  Area happens to be on the same day as our high school Prom.  Sigh!  But, it will all work out and probably be so much fun.  How many schools get to attend the awards ceremony and judges critique in their formal attire?

This image was taken at the District Awards ceremony.  Our baby girl was recognized as All Star Cast.  Encore! Encore!