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VIP Senior Experience

I really am abundantly blessed with the most beautiful/handsome seniors to photograph!  I love everything about photographing my senior clients.  My favorite part? Seeing their eyes when I show them the back of my camera.  Their eyes always light up and then they relax a bit.  One senior girl told me that she didn't realize she looked like that.  Gorgeous!  And my second favorite part?  Seeing their faces and the faces of their family and friends when they see their finished images for the very first time.  Delight! Part of the VIP experience means that we take the time to bring out the best qualities in our seniors.  Whether it is coordinating the perfect location to go with their outfits, helping put together outfits, gathering specific props for their unique sessions,  and creating an experience they will hopefully treasure,  I always strive to edit my images to help make them shine even more than they already do.

Here is an example from a recent session:

The straight out of the camera shot is beautiful.  But if you look a little closer there are some dark circles, a few blemishes, and a little uneven skin tone (we all have that).   Adding a few edits gives the WOW factor.   Slight edits to make all of us look our best.  We do this for all of our sessions. because that is how we would want to be treated too.

We have already begun booking Class of 2015 Senior Sessions.  Because we offer unique, exclusive photo sessions, we have a set amount of sessions that we can offer each month.  Summer and Fall sessions are already booking very quickly.  Please, email us to reserve your VIP Session {}  We can hardly wait to meet you!