I am so excited about tomorrow's Graffiti Glam Model Session and I am thrilled you are going to be a part of the model team!  There are a few things that must be done:

1.  Every Model that will be photographed MUST have a Model Release Form digitally signed by a parent or guardian.  You can find that form by clicking here. 

2.  Makeup by Mandy is also a MUST.  Chandler will have the schedule.  The first Model should be at Mandy's Salon by 11:00 with foundation on.  She is doing "enhanced" makeup.  Please, make sure you arrive ON TIME.  She will be ready for each model 30-45 minutes after each session.  Your only fee for this Model Session is to pay Mandy $50 for makeup.  Her Salon is 3303 N Midkiff Rd, Ste 178 (Nia's Salon).

3.  Let's meet downtown at 4:00.  The address is 313 N. Marienfeld Street (Glass building with red sculpture).  We plan to shoot at two, possibly three, locations.  Please, come dressed and ready to go. You may want to bring an additional outfit, extra lip gloss/lipstick, and accessories.   

4.  Come ready for fun!!! If you have any questions, please call or text me {Kristi 432-270-2910}   I am thrilled that you are a part of this Model Session and I'm so looking forward to meeting and photographing you.  I realize all of the "housekeeping" items above make it sound so serious, but it will be a blast!  Yay!!!

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