*UPDATE:  I'm sad to say the forecast has thunderstorms and wind gusts 25-30mph.  Sand and gusting wind are not great for hair and is certainly not great for my equipment.  As sad as I am to say this...we have to postpone.  {Sigh!}  So, please pick every date that you are available below and I'll let you know when our new date will be.  Fingers crossed we can find the perfect day for everyone. 

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YOU are selected to be part of our Sunday, August 21st Model Session

Are you ready for the theme???  I am so excited.  Here we go.....the theme is....Boho Gypsy and we are on location....at White Sands in Monahans!!!  Totally serious!!

A few details:

  • The park office closes at 4:30.  So we have to be there by 4:00
  • It's an hour drive from Midland.  We can meet somewhere and carpool together if you like.  There are seven of us in this shoot so we will need at least my suburban and another vehicle. 
  • It will be HOT outside.  Make sure you are well hydrated and wear sunscreen and bring sunglasses!

Here are our mood boards:

Makeup: very neutral but with smokey eyes and long lashes.  If you have great false eyelashes, they might be fun for this shoot.

Hair:   very Coachella inspired, flowey, wavey, a few feathers or a few braids perhaps, the wind will be our friend this session.

Clothing:  We want to keep this very neutral like the images above.  Think flowey, lacey....use what you have or borrow from friends. 

Jewelry:  Layered bracelets/bangles, big rings, necklaces that could be used as headbands too.

Shoes:  Unless the sand is unbearably hot, we will mostly be barefoot but bring sandals.  If you want an edgy look, you could bring boots.

Cannot wait!!!