YOU are selected to be part of our Sunday, July 30th Session!! 

We will meet at in San Angelo in the Twisted Root Parking lot, or close by (333 S Chadbourne St, San Angelo) at 7:00.  Please, come dressed and ready.  Now, are you ready for the theme???  I am so excited.  Here we go.....the theme is....Seriously Steam Punk!!!

I am looking for uber big teased hair, maybe add a few braids, and crimped or curled hair or board straight hair with shine will work too.  I had two black head pieces made, a black top hat with gears, a brown hat with goggles, winged goggles, and a black lace choker. If you have one that you love, feel free to bring it too.  There are 5 of ya'll for this shoot.  I love the makeup in the mood boards below. 


*** Makeup is mandatory for this shoot.  Mandy will be doing "enhanced" makeup at my Stanton Studio for each one of you and charging you $45 each.  Enhanced makeup means you come with your foundation and powder and any contouring that you would normally do.  She will add the eyes and lips and may add a few "gears" to some of your looks as well.

Makeup Schedule:

3:00  Hallie Hooper

3:30  Carley Cooper

4:00 Kelsea Taylor

4:30 Alexandria Soto

(Payton, since you are in San Angelo, we will leave your makeup up to you and we see you in San Angelo) 


For the outfits:   Steam Punk is a mixture of Victorian, Aviator, and the Industrial Revolution. Mix patterns and too much is never enough in this era.  Add something a bit quirky (we have goggles and some of the head pieces have gears).   Black and red is always Steam Punk, but browns and creams and a pop of blue work well too. Raid your closet, your friend's closets, use what you have.  You may be surprised what will work, your dad may even have a cool jacket (you never know).   Text me images of your outfit NO LATER THAN July 23rd (432 270-2910)

Steam Punk 1

I love these looks, don't you?!!! I'm not a fan of cleavage, so be careful with some of the looks...Modest is Hottest! You can see it's all about the big hair, the texture of the clothes, rugged boots, and awesome accessories.  More than likely you already have something that will work or a friend that does.  Start with a neutral or black outfit and build on that with layers and jewelry.  A simple black skirt would be great and then add the steam punk.  Use what you have!  And shoes?  If you have tall boots, great!  If not, just wear simple black shoes or booties.  

What to do: 

1. Save the date!  July 30th (Makeup in Stanton) and meet in San Angelo by 7:00.

2.  Get creative with what's in your closet.  Go big and layered. 

3.  Text me your outfits (432 270-2910) NO LATER THAN JULY 23RD.  I have  headpieces, a hat, and goggles.  

4.  Figure out your hair.  Go big or go home.  Ha!  Look at the mood boards above. 

5.  Arrive at our Studio in Stanton at least 5 minutes before your scheduled makeup appointment.

6.  If for any reason you cannot do this session after all, please let me know TODAY because there is a waiting list of Models who wanted to do this session too.

7.  Carpool SAFELY to San Angelo.  I would much prefer a mom or two drive all of you.  The traffic gets a little crazy by Garden City.  So my preferred route is through Big Spring and down to avoid that awful intersection from Stanton to Garden City.  I'll meet you in San Angelo no later than 7:00.