YOU are selected to be part of our Friday, August 5th Model Session

We will meet at our Studio in Stanton (308 W. Front Street) at 7:30 p.m.  Please, come dressed and ready.  Now, are you ready for the theme???  I am so excited.  Here we go.....the theme is....Totally Tribal Chic!

I am looking for uber big teased hair, maybe add a few braids, and feathers.  I am having 3 feathered head pieces made by a designer and I have headbands.  If you have one that you love, feel free to bring it too.  There are 5 of ya'll for this shoot.  I love the makeup in the mood boards below.  If you want Mandy to do your makeup there is a fee of $45.  I just need to know tonight or in the morning so I can book her.  She will meet those of you doing makeup at the Studio. 

For the outfits:   Tribal look.  If you have a wrap that is tribal, a printed tribal dress, neutral clothing that you can glam up with gold bangles, etc.  And if anyone has any faux fur wraps, that would be super cool too.  Text me your images of your outfits. (432 270-2910)

I love these looks, don't you?!!!  I'm not a huge fan of the yellow tribal look above, but I do love the texture of the print...but perhaps more neutral with jewel tones or in black and white.  You can see it's all about the big hair, the texture of the feathers and fur, and awesome jewelry.  More than likely you already have something that will work or a friend that does.  Big earrings, lots of layered bangles of all different kinds.  Start with a neutral outfit and build on that with jewelry.  A simple neutral sundress would be great and then add the tribal.  Use what you have!  And shoes?  If you have gladiators or fringe, that is great.  If not, just wear sandals, we won't see our feet in most of the images. 

If you need more inspiration, Versona has some great tribal jewelry here:

What to do: 

1. Save the date!  August 5th at the Studio at 7:30

2.  Let me know today if you want Mandy to do your makeup ($45 fee to Mandy)

3.  Get creative with what's in your closet.  Neutral dress/skirt/pants with maybe an Aztec/tribal print kimono, and then have fun with your accessories.  Go big and layered.  If you have any faux fur pieces we could sling over your shoulder, bring them. 

4.  Text me your outfits (432 270-2910).  I have feathered headpieces and headbands.

5.  Figure out your hair.  Go big or go home.  Ha!  Add some braids.  Look at the mood boards above. 

6.  If you are doing your own makeup, start with pretty makeup highlighting your eyes and more neutral everywhere else...and then add the tribal.