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Sophomores and Juniors

Love our style? We are looking for outgoing high school Sophomores and Juniors that are fun, energetic, dependable, outgoing, natural born leaders, proficient in Social Media, and want to represent and assist our studio.  Photography experience is not required as you will not be photographing.  After assisting with 12 sessions/events you will receive your very own complimentary Senior VIP Session complete with digitals the summer before your senior year.  Plus, so much more!  We are so excited about all of the plans we have for this year!!!

 You can check out our work here: Kiki's Corner Seniors

INTERESTED? Complete the application below!

We will contact you if we have selected you for our Student Intern team!

→You MUST be a High School Junior or Senior that lives within a 45 mile radius from our Studio in Stanton, Texas. ←

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→→→→→→→Thank you for applying to be a part of our Student InternTeam!!!  We think the BEST applicants are high school Sophomores and Juniors who LOVE our style and want us to photograph their Chic & Unique Senior VIP Sessions.  ♥←←←←←←←