Did you see the Blood Moon this month?  I nearly had forgotten to look!  Thankfully, I saw an early morning post on Facebook and quickly grabbed my camera and headed outside before it was too late....in my robe!  It was a little cloudy with some wind.  Imagine me trying to make sure my robe kept me covered, trying to steady my 20lb camera and lens, and hoping to capture the Blood Moon.  I'm sure that I was quite a sight if any of my neighbors happen to catch a glimpse of me that morning.  My hair was perfectly frizzed and standing on edge by the time I was finished.  Thankfully, I had enough time to tame the mane before heading to school. I didn't capture as many images as I intended because I slept right through most of it.  But, I'm thankful for the ones that I was able to capture.  God is so awesome and absolutely so creative!

blood moon, october 2014blood moon, october 2014