Words cannot describe what a monumental task removing our gargantuan palm tree has been!  It's been painful!!!  Painful to watch on my end because my dad, mom, and my man have worked tirelessly to take out, "the beast," before it lifts the roof off of our house and wrecks the brick lined flower beds....and I've simply watched in between teaching classes and photo sessions.  And been amazed!We are thinking this tree weighed 800 pounds or more! When we built our house and landscaped, this tiny palm tree was only supposed to be 4 feet tall.  4 feet!!!  I think it topped well over 20.  My parents are suppose to be enjoying retirement but instead they are like David taking down the goliath of a palm tree!  I am amazed at their perserverance and sheer determination to take it down.

Yes, I enjoyed the palm tree.  If you have been a follower of my blog for long, you know that I absolutely love anything tropical and would certainly love to live on a beach somewhere.  But, I also like my flower beds and the roof over my home.  The palm tree simply had to go.  There was no way to save it. Although, my dad planted the top of it in the backyard, far, far away from the house.  Who knows?  It may be like a pineapple and grow again.  Want to see some pictures?

Dad and Mom carefully removed all of the palm branches.  They were huge branches!


palm tree removal

And then Dad carefully cut a notch out of the tree:

palm tree removal


His planning was perfection! It landed exactly where he hoped...and the best part? No one was hurt in the process!



To give you a point of reference as to how massive this palm tree is, my dad is 6'2" tall!




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