If you follow our photography facebook page, you may have already seen most of these images. I'll say it again, I cannot believe our baby girl and her friends enjoyed their Junior/Senior Prom! Weren't they all just in Kindergarten yesterday?! Prom day was a super busy but super-blessed day!  Just minutes before this image, Hannah and her fellow One Act Play Cast and Crew performed at Regionals, advanced to Area, and she was honored with All Star Cast.  Whew!!  In between their performance and the awards ceremony, we had a few minutes to change out of her costume and into her Prom gown.

While the Cast and Crew waited for their prom dates to arrive, we snapped a few fun images:

prom princess

Hello??? Are ya'll coming to pick us up? We are starved!!!



Hannah and her date.  He is a sweetie.


and she is gorgeous!  I am totally biased, but wow!!!




I loved it that they asked me to take some group and individual pictures.  I'm not sure what they are looking at here, but I like it just the same!


They all looked so nice!


Since this is the year for Downton Abbey and the Great Gatsby, I thought it would be fun to edit the above image in a Dreamy Black and White.  Kind of 13 going on 30-esque, don't you think?


Our Junior Girls who have been friends and played basketball (or managed the team)  together since Kindergarten (except for one who got here as soon as she could).


and just like that, they were off to Prom!


Mr. Incredible and I grabbed a quick bite to eat at Chick Filet and then changed out of our One Act Play tshirts in to our Prom outfits.  You should have seen the looks on the Chick Filet patron's faces.  Funny doesn't begin to describe it!

We arrived at Prom to find this:


Hannah and her friends had a blast.  They ended the night at our neighbor's house who sweetly let them swim until 2 in the morning and even fixed them sausage and pancakes.  It was a whirlwind kind of day, but we managed to capture memories to treasure....what a blessing!

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