What a blessing to be a photographer! I am so thankful for this wonderful adventure with the Lord. I am blessed to meet the most amazing clients, who often become friends. What a joy to watch their children grow up. I know that there are many photographers to choose from, so I am always over-the-moon excited when clients choose me! There are so many things that I love about this gift from the Lord, but one of the fun things is helping clients decorate their walls with beautiful pictures of their loved ones from our photography sessions. I nearly cry every time a client sends me an image of their finished walls or when I walk into their beautiful homes and see images adorning their walls from our sessions. {I'm choked up just typing those words}. The joy that fills this heart of mine is indescribable. Those images are captured memories to treasure for years and years. And as a photographer, I want your heart to sing every time you see your images on your walls. I know this first hand! I have a large canvas on my living room wall of my beautiful girls; it's the image that actually started my photography business. I literally smile every time that I walk past it! This image of my girls is four years old....before braces for Hannah, Rachel with shorter hair, before college, and I could go on and on. I absolutely love this image and it catches my eye ever time I am in my Living Room. Next to the large canvas, I have my entry way table with pictures of my girls. The images are 8x10s and 4x6s. I love these images too but I don't notice them every time I walk into my Living Room. These images are beautiful on my console table but certainly don't deliver the wow factor that the large print delivers.

Our minds are trained to think that 8x10s are perfect for our walls, when in fact they are better suited for desk prints. We are comfortable with 8x10s because that is familiar. But, an 8x10 on our wall is going to look quite different compared to a 30x40. I know, I'm starting to sound like a salesman. And if you really know me, you know that I am not trying to be but rather I am trying to help you realize that while photography is expensive, I want you to have the WOW factor when you look at your walls. Here are a few examples to show you what I mean. Which one would you want adorning your walls?

I love this collage: Photography for your walls

And while I love this image, I don't love it so much on this wall. It looks so tiny!


Much better, don't you agree?


I have several framed pieces in my home, but I am loving the clean edges of Canvas and Standouts, and 90% of my clients do too. Frames can be so expensive! No framing required for standouts and canvas and you never have to worry about your frame going out of style (does country blue ring a bell with anyone other than me?)


And by the way, my desk looks nothing like this one, although how nice would that be? I'll spare you the image of my desk, but my inner Martha (Stewart) feels the strong need to do some reorganizing!