Basketball season is here! And after a fantastic game Friday night it was time for a quick photo shoot with our baby girl!  We are so proud of her heart, her determination, the way she plays the game she adores, and honors the One who blessed her with this gift in the process.  


In Friday's game, she had 10 points, 3 slams, and several rebounds.  And the best part?  She was smiling on the court again which thrilled this heart of mine!  (Well, maybe not quite smiling in the shot below, but I love that she shot over her defender....and it went in!) 002web

She had 4 fouls in that game too. I only agree with two of the fouls...but I'm her mother so you know I'm right. Ha!


The game was intense! Our girls were coming off of a two game losing streak and this team was rumored to be great! Our girls have never lost to this team EVER and were determined to take it to the hoop! And they did.

In the last quarter, Hannah was fouled and on the line for two (the girl defending Hannah fouled out at this point) and she swished both of them to tie the game! Tie the game!! Thank you Jesus, for enabling!

The last minute seemed to drag on for 15 minutes it seemed but finally our girls won the game by one point! 50-49!!! And we all cheered as if we had just won the National Championship game. What a game!

It was incredible to see the girls play like the team we have known them to be for years. They have another game tonight and we will be cheering them on to victory. Go Lady Buffs!!!

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