Valentine's Day found our household filled to overflowing with love, as always, but also a breathing machine, heavy doses of antibiotics, and a romantic dinner at home.....I use the word romantic loosely. My sweetheart took really good care of me but I was terribly sick once again. I honestly thought after being so sick with pneumonia this fall that I wouldn't be that sick ever  again. Sigh! I was wrong, and on Valentine's Day! My sweetheart loved his gift and I was thrilled. It was quite a step up from the usual card that I give him. I missed Rachel and Carly, the Corgi, but it was sweet to talk to my college valentines and I am counting the days until they are home for a visit.

Our youngest Valentine is taking a CNA course through our school and loving it. Part of what they get to do is help take care of some very sweet patients in a retirement home. Hannah was determined to spread the Love of the Lord with them and to make some special Valentine's Day gifts. I helped her find a template via Skip to My Lou and we printed the butterfly pattern and then she began carefully cutting out each one.

Please, excuse the quality of these pictures.  I was doing a breathing treatment at the time and my Iphone was all that I had handy and didn't want to miss capturing the joy she had carefully putting together each Valentine.


I loved hearing her stories when she got home and seeing the joy in her eyes as she told them. A Valentine's Day to remember after all.