tenontuesday 1.  The exclusive Easter Sessions were announced yesterday and we are nearly sold out!  I have a few openings, but please don't wait!

2.  Speaking of Easter, the bunnies may have just had baby bunnies on one of the coldest days of the year.  OIY!  We will see, but how fun to have baby bunnies at our Easter sessions.

3.  voice

Are you watching The Voice? We love that show!!!  On our trip to New York, we found these chairs from the Voice and had to do our best interpretation.  Love my man!

4.  Did you watch the Oscars Sunday night?  It's always fun to see the parade of dresses and jewelry. I watched it in my Wichita State sweatshirt....so glamorous!

5.  Speaking of Wichita State!  They are the ONLY undefeated college basketball team in the country.  So cool!  My dad is a WSU graduate!


6.  I am ready for March Madness!!!  I always have fun filling out a bracket and keeping up with the progress on my iphone.  Growing up my initials were KU.  I can remember thinking as a child that I simply had to go to KU because those were my initials and being from Kansas, that seemed the thing to do.  Funny!  KU is good, but WSU is doing much better this year.  I may pick them to win it all!  And who knows if our Baylor bears will even make the big show this year.

7.  Remember my bout with pneumonia this fall?  A few weeks ago, I had an instant 102 fever, cough, and I felt awful.  I didn't think I would ever be as sick as I was this fall.  Through many tears, I started the process of seeing doctors again trying to avoid pneumonia. Thankfully, the bronchitis didn't turn in to pneumonia!  But, there were a few scares.  God graciously walked with me through each one of those tests and they all turned out to be negative.  Praise the Lord!

8.  I felt better this weekend than I have in weeks!!! I tried not to overdo, but it felt so good to feel like myself again.  I even had time to get my eyebrows tamed.  And then I didn't feel so good after that.  I'm kidding!

9.  Did you see the movie Gravity?  I watched it while my family was at the State Basketball tournament this weekend.  Sandra Bullock did a fantastic job, I'm surprised she didn't win best actress.  I  have to admit, there were scenes in that movie that made me feel a bit claustrophobic.  As a computer teacher, I loved the graphics!

10.  My man is an incredible omelet maker.  They are seriously delicious and always turn out so perfectly.  Me?  Not so much!  I made myself an omelet Sunday morning while my family was still out of town.  It started off okay....and then quickly turned to hash.  Here is a very blurry iphone picture.  It may have looked yucky, but it tasted pretty good!photo