Happy Monday! I will make this post short and sweet. I am living off of an hour and a half sleep mixed with strong coffee and hoping I can make it through the day at school. Although, it is now mid morning and I am already craving my pink fluffy robe, my pillow, and a fire in the fireplace. Ahhh!

Our Bichon, Tinkerbell has been having issues for a while. She started panting before summer but acted normal so we just assumed it was age related (in dog years she is over a century old). Right after Christmas, she decided that her days and nights were mixed up and began whining and panting all night long. We took her to the vet twice and discovered she might be having back pain. For the past three weeks, we have been giving her a "treat" to help with her back pain and she has made it pretty well. The light returned in her eyes again and we were relieved.

Saturday night was a different story! She decided to pant and cry and scratch the gate all night long. She even tried climbing the gate (she has never done that).  We would let her outside (she didn't want to come back in and looked like she was a zombie out there), made sure she had food and water in her room if she needed it, and still she would not sleep. Finally, when it was warm enough, we let her outside so that we could sleep.  As soon as we dozed off, the phone rang!

We received a phone call from the bank that my credit card number was stolen and did I approve of the three charges our bank was showing. I am so very thankful they called us on an early Sunday morning. Needless to say, I will have a new card this week! OIY!

Meanwhile, Tinkerbell paced all day long outside. I'm not sure she ever stopped to rest. Thinking she would be worn out, we settled in last night for a much needed good night's rest! Sadly, she whined and panted all night long! Even putting her in bed with us, she would sleep 15 minutes at a time and only when my hand was on her head. Needless to say, we are calling the vet again today. It's pitiful to see her like this and we are all exhausted!