My sweetheart and I got to go to the Fiesta Bowl to watch our Baylor Bears.  We carefully circled the date on our calendar and counted down the days.  We could hardly wait!!!  It was the craziest time to try to take a little trip but we threw caution to the wind and worked our tails off to make it happen. Mr. Incredible worked long days and nights finalizing the inventories of our three stores, I wrapped up photography editing sessions, and took care of last minute tax expenditures, we celebrated Christmas, watched our baby girl in a basketball tournament, and tried to pack for sunny weather in the process.  Whew!

Once, we were on the plane, it was as if we could breathe again.  A few days together, just the two of us in sunny weather was just what the doctor ordered.  I could not wait!2013-12-30 11.38.59

We landed in beautiful Arizona and made our way to the hotel. Oh my goodness! What a surprise awaited us there. We were blessed to stay at the beautiful Montelucia. So beautiful!

2013-12-30 14.37.322013-12-30 14.38.192013-12-30 14.42.38

Fruit trees were all around the property. As we made our way to our room, I stopped to pick an orange. I couldn't resist. The smell was incredible! While my man took care of the luggage, I peaked outside to see a huge lounge chair and the glorious sun! I was in my winter clothes complete with my black Frye boots and leggings....laying in the lawn chair on the patio. Yes!!! We left Texas with highs in the 30's and we were now in temperatures near 70. Delight!

2013-12-30 15.08.45

  Realizing we had a little bit of time before we met our friends for dinner, I remembered the orange! Yay! I peeled that sweet smelling orange and popped a wedge in my mouth. It was the worst orange I had ever tasted! It was a yucky cross between a grapefruit, lemon, and an orange that was totally bitter. I managed to down one little wedge and then shared one with my man! Ha!

We quickly learned that if you see fruit on the tree, it's probably not the best fruit, but if you find a tree with very little fruit, that's the one to grab! Good to know if I ever plan to pick my fruit from a place other than the HEB! I'll share more from our trip soon!