cindy lou who and her grinchcindy lou who and her grinchcindy lou who and her grinchOur Cindy Lou Who and her Grinch...he's actually a pretty sweet guy but it matched Hannah's outfit.  Ha!  They actually had planned to go as a huntress and her trophy buck. But, the buck trophy costume didn't arrive on time.  In fact, it has yet to arrive at all.  Weird! So in a feat of last minuteness, I remembered Uncle Tony's Santa Costume and grabbed one of my old Christmas sweaters and the frenzy began.  Nathan picked up green face paint and Hannah's fabulous eyelashes at a local costume shop and we started on Hannah's hair.

We used a solo cup for the main part and pipe cleaners braided in to her hair for the cindy lou braided loops.  It was so fun!!!  And they looked fabulous.  And Hannah won best costume.  Yay!  Our last minute idea worked out well.  Ha!  And now I'm ready to watch the movie and, play Christmas carols, and decorate my house for Christmas.  My high school students might freak out if I played Christmas carols in the classroom this early.  Have you started decorating yet?