Both of our girls were home for the weekend.  Delight!  So, in between leading the band Friday night (Hannah), taking pictures on the sidelines (me), and the ACT (Hannah), we decided to have a little pumpkin carving contest.  Yes!  We are all a bit competitive in our family...just a bit.  Ha! The hardest part was finding pumpkins. Seriously?!  We tried four different grocery stores.  Ugh!  The pumpkins we planted in our garden aren't quite finished yet...meaning we have beautiful flowers but no pumpkins yet.  Hopefully someday soon.  Finally, we found our pumpkins and headed home for dinner and a little pumpkin carving competition.


pumpkin carving contest

Gone are the days when our girls had to use plastic knives but sites like those above made me want to break out the plastic kit knives. Scary!

pumpkin carving timeHannah's boyfriend had never carved pumpkins before.  We had a little fun with him. See the tiny pumpkin above?  We convinced him that he had to start small and work his way to the adult sized pumpkins.  Ha! We had a real pumpkin waiting for him in the pantry.  He was a good sport and carved the tiny pumpkin and the larger one.  By the look on his face, I think he was glad to have joined in our competition.

Here are our results left to right:  Rachel's Olaff pumpkin, mine (fairly simple compared to my Martha Stewart pumpkin from a few years ago that shocked the fire out of me), the boyfriends pumpkins, Mr. Incredible's pumpkin (he won!), and Hannah's mustache man pumpkin.  Her pumpkin reminds me of the Monopoly Man.

pumpkins on the front porchAnd here they are close up.  What a fun night!

carving pumpkins